344 East 134th Street Apt 6c

Bronx, New York 10454


August 2, 2001




The bird and reptile section at the Bronx Zoo has a variety of chameleons. Today, after careful watching, I spotted a three- horned male. Its eyes rotated independently as its skin began to change color from head to tail. When an employee sprinkled insects into its ersatz home, the lizard disappeared into the available foliage. I stood looking for at least ten minutes but I couldn't detect any movement.


Esu-Elegbara put his hand on my shoulder and said, "We met in Birmingham, Alabama. You were a journalist, bitten by dogs, and I was a musician who used my instrument to strike a National Guardsman." I took a step forward and embraced him. Esu searched in his mind for the name of the scent that lingered on his leathery skin.