344 East 134th Street Apt 6c

Bronx, NY 10454


July 13, 2001


Dear A,


I am at a juncture, an intersection. It’s a curious location. Perhaps

I’ll move to another city.


On my way to a job interview yesterday I saw Esu-Elegbara, trickster of

the crossroads, stepping out of the offices of GEO Information and

Mapping. As I passed in front of him he seemed to recognize the

book I was carrying. As naturally as smiling, he turned to follow me.


A gust of wind unexpectedly stole the book from my grip, and blew its

pages into the stream of passing traffic. Somebody shouted, "Don't move!"

When I turned I saw a man in a wheelchair peeling two of the detached

sheets off his jacket. He handed them to me and I thanked him. Then a

bus pulled up beside us, and the man stood up, adeptly collapsed the chair,

and disappeared inside. I watched the vehicle break into the line of cars,

then walked toward something fluttering on the pavement.


A swan arose from the waters of a lake. Its neck, the trickster noticed, was

pink as the single magnolia blossom on a nearby tree. Esu-Elegbara

entered the mind of the flying bird and saw a map of a city spread below.


Clouds obscured the sun as I gathered the last pages from the street and

put them, randomly, within their cover. The book sank to the bottom of

my shoulder bag when I boarded the cross-town bus at East 79th Street.

And in the green, between one side of town and the other, the clouds

thinned to slivers.