Susan Jahoda

Digital prints, 6” x 9”, 2008


NASA spacecraft document great yellow dust clouds blowing over the Korean Peninsula, Japan, and the Rocky Mountains. Agricultural practices, including clear-cutting, and industrial pollution from factories in China exacerbate these storms, while increased vehicular traffic in desert regions destroys their stone crusts, leaving them vulnerable to winds. The ensuing sandstorms create a thick haze, impacting the ability to see and breathe. Ammonium, sulfate and nitrate ions found in the dust, together with mica and chlorite, cause chronic health problems across the planet.


Excerpts from Serenade to the Photosphere includes digital still and moving images, texts, and sound. In this version I have juxtaposed images found on the Internet with texts that speak to transboundary pollution and the consequences of ignoring our planetary environment. What is at stake when bodies are not perceived as elements of a larger ecology?